I believe in (my) God

April 15, 2006


and respect the belief of others.


I work my ass off

April 13, 2006

But life after office is always sweet!

I love the seagulls

April 11, 2006

After all, they are the closest thing to wildlife that we can get.

Run girl run

April 10, 2006

‘Coz wedding ceremonies are boring…

I am Toronto

April 10, 2006

I am Toronto.
I am diverse.
I speak broken english but who cares?
I am curious and sensitive to my surroundings;
I don’t talk much-
I communicate thru my camera lens.
I wasn’t born here
and my roots are planted somewhere else.
But this is now my city
and I am one with it.
I am Toronto.
I am everybody.